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Thread: AV, Net & Phone Re-Wire

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    Default AV, Net & Phone Re-Wire

    Hi all!

    Im rewiring my house and thought there must be a better way than what the electrician is proposing.

    His plan is to wire BT sockets in every room, Arial Sockets in every room, satellite connection (screw on type) in every room.

    I thought that maybe their was a way to wire all these things using a more modern way.

    initially i post here regarding the phone sockets but after reading some of the topics here im more confused than ever.

    So... my initial question is..... instead of wiring phone sockets all around the house can i just have RJ45 sockets and cat5 all around the house?

    Would this be just the one socket in each room where i could plug a phone and if i want plug my laptop in for the internet?

    if it is just the one socket does the cable changing the BT plug to an RJ45 plug exist?

    Please remember im new and am looking for simplicity.

    As for the video side, wat is Kat5 is it the same as cat5?

    Any help greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Re: AV, Net & Phone Re-Wire

    Hi there,
    What you want is some form of structured wiring system for your home. These are based on CAT5 or similar cable.
    Take a look at Abitana at .
    The other company that I know of that does this sort of thing is Square D at
    Vex can possibly help you with any questions about the Square D range and I can help you with any questions about the Abitana range.
    You can buy RJ45 to BT sockets from many places. Maplin sells them.
    I let Keith answer the KAT5 question in more detail. But as far as I know its a method of sending AV + IR signals through Cat5 cable.
    Hope this helps

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