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Thread: My Underfloor heating

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    Default My Underfloor heating

    Several months down the line now and we remain very happy with our heating, has anyone else gone for electric underfloor heating? If you are thinking about it where I bought mine from are offering a further 5% discount - :roll: How the wife loved telling me how we should have waited

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    Default Re: My Underfloor heating

    When we had the office extension built I decided to put in underfloor heating and used Handyheat. Service was very good.
    As a bit of a side note I ended up installing a security system in the home of one of the directors.

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    Default Re: My Underfloor heating

    Hello there,
    I am considering putting electric underfloor heating into a flat, which currently has no gas or central heating. I have had a few quotes, and it seems reasonable to install. (quotes seem to be between 2000-3000) However, I'm a bit worried that the bills are going to be huge however, can you advise me on how expensive/ inexpensive you have found it to run?
    Many thanks

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