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Thread: Leaking Boiler - Advice appreciated!

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    Default Leaking Boiler - Advice appreciated!


    Can anybody offer any advice?

    My boiler is leaking and i can't stop it without turning off the stop tap. :cry:

    It is a ferroli Optima 601 combi boiler.

    Originally the pressure was too high so i released the pressure relief valve to let some water out. Now the water will not stop coming out. It seems like when i empty water out of it more automatically goes back in.

    For quite a while the boiler would drip when the DHW or Heating was on, and the pressure was quite high at 3 bars. recently the Hot water was only working when the heating was on, then both gradually failed to operate.

    I have bled the radiators and there is no trapped air.

    I have to turn off the water supply to stop it leaking. Has anyone had this problem or know about pressure relief valves and filling loops?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Leaking Boiler - Advice appreciated!

    is your filling loop turned on?

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    Default Re: Leaking Boiler - Advice appreciated!

    Sounds similar to a problem I had. Pressure relief valve would leak and then we only got HW and no heating. Had to call out the engineer. He said we where quite lucky. As the changeover valve normally fails in the Heating only position, so no hot water or completly and you get nothing. He changed the change over valve and the relief valve, and all works fine.

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