New LightwaveRF Video Explains Home Automation Range

The guys at JSJS Designs have just released this new 17 minute video.  It’s a great introduction to the LightwaveRF home automation range covering lighting, mood / scene switches, mains sockets for appliances, heating control, radiator valves and controlling it all from your smartphone.

[UPDATE] The video above has been pulled,  but checkout the LightwaveRF YouTube Channel here.

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  1. Janet Hopkins | December 20, 2012 at 9:30 am |

    I’m doing out my house up and started to fit light switches from B&Q
    I was one switch short and B&Q were out of stock and tried to order one in. They are sold under the Siemens brand name and was very surprised when B&Q called me to let me know that despite their best efforts they could not get me another switch witch for Siemens I found hard to believe.

    Having said that I’m a regular shopper at B&Q and have noticed the shelves were they stock the range has got a lot less stock on it and none of it seems to have been restocked.

    I contacted Siemens who gave me a web address were I could order the light switch from but that company was called Lightwaverf and despite me sending emails none were replyd too.
    Now I see your video and the company is now JSJS.
    Sounds to me like a small start up company trying to compete with the big boys.
    Thankfully I have not ordered their wifi box witch was next on my list.
    Instead I shall cut my losses and go with one of the more well known company’s that do home automation.
    Yes I do know they are more expensive,but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.
    As for the switches I’ve got well they can go on flee bay in the new year.

  2. Janet,

    Don’t despair. The Lightwave Technology is great. Yes, JSJS are a small startup, but with great product in big outlets.

    Come and check out the new Community site at We’re a helpful bunch and can point you in the direction of suppliers who do have the switch you need in stock.

  3. Janet Hopkins | December 23, 2012 at 6:35 pm |

    Is this another lightwaverf forum?
    I’m confused I was told the original lightwaverf forum had closed down as JSJS or Lightwaverf no longer supported it

    Witch as you just pointed out is a small startup company.

    And I would hardly call them a startup company did they not make some home automation products some years ago for B&Q what ever happened to that product or am I totally off track here and it was not JSJS or Lightwaverf.

  4. Janet, I think you’re totally off track. They are an AIM listed company (JSJS), that’s always been the name of the company. They also produce “homeeasy” a product aimed at the disabled which is the product I think you say “they made for B&Q”. They still make this product and its not made for B&Q. There seem to be posts appearing here every so often questioning whether lightwaveRF is still being taken forward. I don’t have any connection with JSJS or use their products, however, a quick news search on google shows they are still promoting the product.

  5. Homeeasy is owned by CH Byron and (my understanding is) that JSJS Designs designed and built a couple of their products. I believe it was that experience that lead them to design and build their own system which we now know as LightwaveRF.

    The lightwave rf forum was hosted by JSJS Designs, but it wasn’t a sensible way to run a proper support function long term so they stopped contributing to it early last year, but kept it running. Late last year I persuaded them to hand it over to the community. I now host it at It’s the original forum with a new look/feel and name hosted completely independently of JSJS Designs.

  6. Peter Johnson | January 8, 2013 at 3:03 pm |

    Cant understand why you wouldnt receive a reply from LightwaveRF

    I received a reply in about 20 minutes today to an enquiry about support.

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